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Global Optimum

Feb 5, 2019

This episode features:

-What to consider when choosing a graduate program

-Why I was told to avoid getting A’s in my classes, and why it might be a good idea for you as well

-What are your chances of graduating from grad school

-What are your chances of getting an academic position after grad school

-How to avoid being corrupted by the academic incentive structure

-How is grad school different from undergrad?

-Tips for succeeding in grad school

-How to avoid being bitten by the Curse of Knowledge


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Career Frontier:

PhD completion rate data

Data on tenure-track appointments after PhD

Science PhD Career Preferences: Levels, Changes, and Advisor Encouragement

Systematic Inequality and Hierarchy in Faculty Hiring Networks

Allocating Risk Mitigation Across Time

80000 Hours interview with Owen Cotton-Barratt

80000 Hours survey of organizational leaders

80000 Hours career review of academic research

80000 Hours pros and cons of grad school 

80000 Hours Should I Help Now or Later?

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