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Global Optimum

Sep 4, 2018

This episode features:

-Why people can’t justify their moral decisions

-How is it that some blind people can use visual information

-What is the basic structure of the brain

-Why it is we can both want something and not want it

-Why people can be unaware of their decision-making process

-Basic principles of public speaking

-Particular fixes to improve your public speaking

-Ways to practice public speaking


Full transcript



Apply Psychology:

TED talk on choice-blindness

Haidt, J. (2001). The emotional dog and its rational tail: a social intuitionist approach to moral judgment. Psychological review, 108(4), 814.

Haidt, J., Bjorklund, F., & Murphy, S. (2000). Moral dumbfounding: When intuition finds no reason. Unpublished manuscript, University of Virginia.

Kurzban, R. (2011). Why everyone (else) is a hypocrite: Evolution and the modular mind. Princeton University Press.


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